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Country girl

I love the pictures and quotes..but I get kicked off. And way to many ads...

Force to rate

It asked me to rate it I said cancel but it brought me to to App Store...


They forced me to star them


... I am only doing this to use it


This is a very good app you should definitely try if you want some nice lock screens please get this app

Nice app

Yet to try it hope you worth the 5stars


Good wallpapers

Good but.......

I love the app but there are so many ads! It is set up really nicely but those ads kind of make the experience hard to enjoy. I like the pictures though!???

Is it good pls b


They are desperate

Heres a review, you are desperate for reviews

Makes you write a review

Im not a big fan of apps that you have to write a review to make them work :(

good app

this is a good app!

I had to ?

Hi I had to rate it so...


Really awesome

Leave a review...

Review! I mean, at least let me look aground in it first and then review. Sheesh. ?

Love it

This is great it has cool wallpapers like anime and cartoon its nice get this app

Great App

This app is very good and I love it! Everyone should use it because it is so inspirational and I dont know how I have lived without it !


Wont let you use the app until you rate it! So I am rating it now :(

Had to

Have to rate, so heres a rate



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